Welcome to the ABC Chapter's
Foreign Bottle Listings

These listings have been compiled in an attempt to categorize as many aluminum bottles from around the world that we can find. The listings contain beer and alcohol containing/mixed bottles. These lists are not complete as new ones are being released all the time, but it's a start!

Bottles are listed by Name, Size, Year released, Brewer and then any further information.
Wines and mixed drinks, etc. will be listed after the beers.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.
If you know of a variation not listed, please help us out and use our submittal form.

Jan 30, 2024: Added four B06 to France, three Vasco to Italy, Tsingtao New Year to Korea,
six Gard/two Mitho/Roots Auroke to Brazil, three Cocos/two Santa Fe CYG/two Green Rabbit
/Chacabuco Rose/Damonjag to Argentina and twenty two bottles to China.
Nov 9, 2023: Added two Fitz Simon to Argentina, Don Rogelio/Mitho/Koi/four Roots to Brazil,
Owl/FX/Laopi/Lahterbach/PBR 1844/Quing Dao/Snowbeer to China, San Miguel to Spain,
Carlsberg Pils/four Kisswing/five B06 to France and Amstel/two Magistraat to Netherlands.
Aug 26, 2023: Added Don Otto/Yapai to Argentina, Corona/Graf/Oingxiang/Snow Gold Mask/
Tsingtao NY to China, four B06/Carlsberg Onward/Heineken Red Star to France, Yellowglen to
Australia, Heineken City Edition to Morocco, Orion Original to Japan and nine Beg gin/three Bothanical gin/Serra Grande/Mitho Convencio/twenty Roots bottles to Brazil.
Jul 8, 2023: Added two Beagle/two La Malinche to Argentina, five Roots to Brazil, seven B06
to France, Carlsberg Light/two Tsingtao 1903/West Lake/Wudalianchi Select to China and
thirteen Svijany Calendar/Piva Celebrate/Stastne bottles to Czech Republic.
Apr 20, 2023: Added Aconcagua/Klooster to Argentina, Impacta/Black Sheep/Tcherveja to
Brazil, two Tsingtao 1903/sixteen CSL to China, five B06 to France and four Penrhos to UK.
Feb 4, 2023: Added Carlsberg New Year/Corona/four Tsingtao/three Gisbelle to China, six
Coconut Lager to UK, two Imperio/two Gard/Puro Malte/four Colecionadores to Brazil, three
Svijany Maz Christmas/Zamek to Czech Republic, Aida/Banlauder/Tsingtao NY to Hong Kong,
B06 Blanche/two Rose/Antibes/IPA to France and Chacabuco/India Gin to Argentina.
Nov 27, 2022: Added Oktobershed to Canada, Falco Strong/two Tsingtao Sailun to China, six
Kiss'Wing to France, Carlsberg Probably/Tuborg to Israel, Heineken to Hong Kong, Colcermex
to Mexico and twenty five Roots/two Toca bottles to Brazil.
Oct 5, 2022: Added two Lion bottles to Belgium, Shawn & Ed Anvil Oat to Canada, two B06
bottles to France, Damonjag to Argentina, seven Harvey Nichols bottles to UK and Corona
Sunsets/two Carlsberg 175th/seven Tsingtao bottles to China.
Aug 7, 2022: Added four Lion bottles to Belgium, two Lager Shed to Canada, thirteen Svijany
Calendar/three Easter/Piva to Czech Republic, Amstel/Chero Dragon/PBR 13.8/Rapiertanz to
China, B06 Eucalyptus/La Guerite to France and Aconcagua Gin Tonic to Argentina.
Jun 14, 2022: Added three Shawn & Ed to Canada, B06 Blonde to France, Snowbeer to China,
Biere de Druides to Germany and five Colecionadores/four Gard/eight Roots bottles to Brazil.
Apr 25, 2022: Added Harbin/PBR/two Redflagstar/Sedrin/four Tsingtao to China, Tsingtoa
NY22 to Hong Kong, five La Malinche/three WeizBier/two Der Grunder/Bowery/Fitz Simon to
Argentina, four Gard/Tarentino to Brazil, four Shawn & Ed to Canada, B06 Blonde Tim Blue to
France, three Carlsberg Probably to Israel and three Leo Hop Series to Thailand.
Mar 13, 2022: Added Corona/Heineken/three Tsingtao to China, Asahi Super Dry variant to
Japan, Blondine O Beijo/two Gard/three LowKa/eight Roots to Brazil, two Heineken to Vietnam,
Red Bavaria variant to Netherlands, Svijany Patnactka/Slik to Czech Republic, Tsingtoa PRC to
Thailand, Gin La Elisa/Interlaken Cream Stout to Argentina, B06 Fleur/Blanche Rose/Cote
/Bee Riviera/two La School to France and Gaze/Magnotto/eight Shawn & Ed bottles to Canada.
Dec 30, 2021: Added three B06 to France, three Coconut Flower/two Eden Mill to UK, Perkins
to Spain, Villee to Belgium, Gallo to Guatemala, two Dreighe/Naughty Girl to Brazil, sixteen
 Interlaken to Argentina, Tsingtao to Uruguay, two Tsintao to Thailand and Carlsberg New Year/ two Corona/Marrs/Heineken/two Tsingtao New Year/Tsingtao Smiley to China.
Oct 29, 2021: Added Carlsberg Artist/Tsingtao Samsung/two Soccer to China, two Blondine
Cofre to Brazil, Sagres to Portugal and nineteen Svijany to Czech Republic.
Aug 16, 2021: Added three Falco/two Tsingtao/Tuborg to China, four B06 to France, Rebordosa
to Brazil, five Pelee Winery to Canada and Bandida Do Pomar to Portugal.
May 31, 2021: Added Lager Shed Light to Canada, two Koboi to Belgium, Solsch to Austria,
Corona/Heineken/Tsingtaos to Israel, three Ibizi to UK and six bottles to China.
Feb 16, 2012: Added B06 Blonde Bio/Heineken Cities to France, three Magnotta to Canada,
two Tsingtao New Year to Hong Kong, five Roots to Brazil, two Pop Up to Germany, Awka
Dubbel to Argentina, two Heneken New Year to Vietnam, Guinness to Nigeria, nineteen bottles
to Czech Republic and seventeen bottles to China.
Dec 11. 2020: Added Cofre to Brazil, Hivy to Belgium, Lagershed/Gaze/Magnotta to Canada,
Bella to Switzerland, Sixx to Germany, two Sandora to Spain, three B06 to France, six Eden Mill
to UK and Corona/Pearl River/seventeen Tsingtao bottles to China.
May 11, 2020: Added B06 IPA to France, Corona to Croatia, Urban Beer to Spain, AYA
Kirsch/Kirin Draft 1.1L/Sapporo 1.2L to Japan, Heineken Cities to Hong Kong/UK, Corona test
to UK and PBR Pop/eight Tsingtao bottles to China.
Dec 22, 2019: Added Sterling Raptors to Canada, Lion Christmas to Belgium, Corona to Israel,
three B06 to France, two Svijany to Czech Republic, Tsingtao PRC70 to Argentina, Tsingtao
New Year to Hong Kong, Islena variant to Spain, Asahi/two Kirin to Japan, Heineken Cities to
Netherlands/UK, three Bestly/Heineken/Tsingtao New Year/three Tmall Cats to China, three
Salitos bottles to Germany and Mahou Metro to Mexico.
Oct 25, 2019: Added Asahi Super Dry 2L/Corona Sunset/Gunkan/Kirin Cartoon to Japan,
Knuppert to Luxembourg, two B06 to France, Yello to Germany, Corona 355ml to UK, thirteen Svijany Calendar bottles to Czech Republic, Mahou 100 Year Metro/Corona 355ml to Spain and Carlsberg/Snow Beer/Tuborg/Oriental Soccer/eight Tsingtao bottles to China.
Aug 12, 2019: Added Mionetto/Salitos to Germany, 593 Lager to Ecuador, Camden Hells Lager
to UK, Carlsberg Light/four Century Prophet/five Tsingtao bottles to China, three Base Camp
import bottles to Brazil and two Tecate bottles to Mexico.
Jun 27, 2019: Added Lager Shed to Canada, Beauty Empress/two Caisar Craft bottles to China,
Svijany Slavnosti to Czech Republic, La Typique/Mann Filter to France, Asahi 3 liter to Japan,
Beer Bong to Israel, Lewis Road to New Zealand, Mahou to Paraguay and Skinny Lager to UK.
Apr 25, 2019: Added Boom/Low Carb to Switzerland, Tsingtao Constellations to China, Leo
20th's to Thailand, 2 Panthers to UK, VTK to South Africa and Carlsberg Probably to Israel.
Mar 4, 2019: Added Kings Town Ketolager/five Jodoin Cider to Canada, Red/Black Danzka to
Denmark and Carlsberg Light/Dayin/Super Bock/Yanjing Party/four Tsingtao to China.
Jan 11, 2019: Added four Kings Town to Canada, Lion Xmas to Belgium, Antarctica Rio 450
variant to Brazil, Hadeshi/seven Tsingtao to China, Tsingtao New Year to Hong Kong, four
Be Drinks to Germany, three Go On to France, Heineken to Chile and Lofotpils to Norway.
Nov 10, 2018: Added Tsingtao High/Tsingtao Vanke/Hofbrau/Paxcider to China, three Svijany
Calendar to Czech Republic, Corona Sunsets/Heineken Cities to Paraguay, Jupiler to Belgium,
Antarctica Rio/Skol test to Brazil, Corona Sunsets to UK and two Castle Lager to South Africa.
Sep 23, 2018: Added Kings Town Breakwater/GPA to Canada, Salitos Ice to Germany, Tsingtao
Gold/Constellation/Draft/SCO bottles to China, Svijany Dux/Calendar/Spartathlon to Czech
Republic, Islena/Mahou Real Madrid/Athletico bottles to Spain and Asahi Golfers to Japan.
Aug 11, 2018: Added Lager Shed/three Kings Town to Canada, four Svijany to Czech Republic,
San Miguel Explore to Spain, four Tsingtau FIFA bottles to China, Heineken Cities to UK,
Corona Sunsets to Honduras and Skol Bubbles design/Brahma WC14 test to Brazil.
Jun 18, 2018: Added Lion 6 IPA/Lion 8 Blonde/Special Edition to Belgium, Colonia to Brazil,
Eggenberg LE to Austria, 0451 Ales to China, Ibiza Ices/Gloria to Netherlands, Pink K'Net to
France, four Matsushima 300ml to Japan, Warsteiner World Cup to Germany, two Corona
prototypes to Mexico, XUXU 10 to Thailand and seven Svijany to Czech Republic.
Apr 30, 2018: Added Carlsberg Light/Heineken Cities/Snow Beer to China, San Miguel Explore
the World to Spain, Kings Town Cellblock/Golden IPA to Canada, Lion 5 White to Belgium,
Mercian Sangria to Japan and twelve Svijany bottles to Czech Repuublic.
Mar 26, 2018: Added Heineken Cities Edition to Argentina, Kings Town Black Lakes/Simon
Whit to Canada, Tsingtao KFC New Year/Tsingtao Cartoon New Year/Islena to China, B06
Absinthe/B06 Fleur/Skoll to France, Heineken to Spain/Netherlands, Super Bock to Portugal,
Eggenberg to Chile and Carlsberg Icebreaker to Israel.
Feb 3, 2018: Added six Kings Town to Canada, Eggenberg to Austria/Romania, two Islena
Flower Power to Spain, two Salitos to Israel, Snow Beer/five Tsingtao to China, Corona
Sunsets to India and Hakkaido Scottish/Her Herbs/Family Sake/Hot Sake bottles to Japan.
Dec 11, 2017: Added Boitloant to China, Lion 5 to Belgium, Islena Wolf to Spain, B06 Joyeux
to France, Eggenberg LE to Austria/Romania, Salitos to Romania and four Eden Mill to UK.
Sep 24, 2017: Added Salitos/Salitos Blue/Warsteiner Cities to Germany, Tsingtao Festival to
China, Skol Red Arrow/Skol test/two Smirnoff test to Brazil, Kings Town Merchant to Canada,
Corona Sunsets to Japan/Columbia and Kirin Draft 2 liter PGA to Japan.
Jul 24, 2017: Added Corona Sunset to Argentina//Mexico/UK, Jupiler Tomorrowland/Cubanisto/
Lion 8 to Belgium, Breakout/150 Cream to Canada, Brona/Tsingtao Shi Subway to China, Islena
Flower Power to Spain, Aguila/Pilsen/Dia De/Grupo Phoenix to Columbia, Invictus to Peru,
three Glitter Gold bottles to Germany, Black Bianco Limon to Netherlands, R to Monaco, Old
Crafty Hen to UK and Imperial to Costa Rica.
May 31, 2017: Added B06 Byblos/Carlsberg Night to France, Corona to UK, three Salitos to
Thailand, Antartica Green/Rio 450/Corona Sunsets to Brazil and two Monde wines to Japan.
Mar 8, 2017: Added three B06 bottles to France, Tsingtau KFC/New Year/fifteen Reberg
bottles to China, six Mixed Ape to Germany, four Sildka/Soof K bottles to Spain, Heineken test bottle to Brazil and Ball Premium promo to UK.
Jan 10, 2017: Added Arsenal bottles to Canada, three Svijany to Czech Republic, Watt Blondes
to Germany, Carlsberg to Israel, Ibiza's to UK, Boxer to Switzerland, San Miguel Especial to
Spain, Adinberg/two Maisen to China, Brahma Selecao Silver to Brazil, Corona Ponle Musica
to Mexico, Sapporo Black 3 liter to Japan and Corona Sunsets to Uruguay.
Nov 18, 2016: Added Lion 5/Lion 8 variant to Belgium, Tsingtao 1903 to China and
Corona Sunsets bottles to Spain, Italy, United Kingdom.
Oct 4, 2016: Added Lion Imperiale to Belgium, Corsa 1735 to France, Eibauer Dunkel/Salitos
Blue to Germany, Asahi Super Dry/Kirin Draft exports to Japan, Heineken Red Star to
Netherlands and Brasserie de Monaco to Monaco.
Aug 9, 2016: Added Lion 8 to Belgium, Corona Sunsets to China, Islena B Side to Spain,
Heineken Star bottles to France/Paraguay and Corona Tomorrowland to Mexico.
Jun 23, 2016: Added Truchill to China, Warsteiner Euro to Germany, San Miguel Especial to
Spain, Bofferding Pils to Luxembourg, Kirin/Orion Drafts to Japan, two Danzka Vodkas to UK
and four Blarneff Vodkas to Venezuela.
May 28, 2016: Added Jupiler Tomorrowlands to Belgium, Caisar Hefeweizen to China, Grande
Armee langs to Germany, two Svijany to Czech Republic and Corona Sunsets to Canada/Mexico.
Apr 8, 2016: Added Tuborg Guitar bottles to Turkey, Beberry/Besecco/Behugu/Besprizz to
Germany, six Svijany to Czech Republic, Asahi Super Dry Special Package to Japan,
Eggenberg to Romania and Hapro Vodka to Vietnam.
Feb 17, 2016: Added Doradas to Canary Islands, Skol design variant to Brazil, five Danzkas
to Denmark, four Svijanys to Czech Republic, Caisar/Tsingtao New Year/Tsingtao Metro
to China, three Ouzo to Greece, Corona Sunsets to Uraguay, Hakone/Royal Gloria/two Vino
/four Sake to Japan, Heineken to Thailand, Becks to Israel and nine Lavoka to South Africa.
Jan 6, 2016: Added Corona Sunsets to UAE/China/Spain/Italy/UK, Heineken to Columbia,
Carlsberg Danoise to France, Heineken Design Week to Italy/Mexico/UK/Netherlands/Taiwan,
Barokes Wines to Australia/Thailand, Jupiler to Belgium, Volfas Kolekcinis to Lithuania,
Heineken alusport variant to Portugal and Eggenberg to Taiwan.
Nov 18, 2015: Added Skoll to France, Islena/two Mahou/six Sun Beach to Spain, Hakone/
two Kirishima/four Matsushima/three Ousyu to Japan and six JLP Tequila bottles to Mexico.
Oct 16, 2015: Added three Pabst 1844, Tsingtao 355/Better Together to China, Islena B Side/
Ponchelo to Spain, OPA INCASA to Brazil, six Jupiler Red Devils to Belgium, Octane to
Canada, Kirin Draft 1.1L to Japan, Heinekens to Chile/Portugal and Eggenberg to Mexico.
Aug 21, 2015: Added Tuborgs to Turkey, Heineken Collect to Hong Kong, Islena Flower
Power to Spain, Mixery/Salitos/Pilots/Pioneer variants to Germany, Becks variant to Russia,
Heineken Cone variant to France and six Busby, seven Hakodates to Japan.
Jul 28, 2015: Added Ice Radler/Salitos/Warsteiner Lufthansa to Germany, Icebreaker to Israel,
Sun Beach to Costa Rica, Svijanys to Czech Republic, Mahou Somos variant to Spain, Aguere
 Rums to Canary Islands, Komachi to Japan, Heineken Star to Mexico and Bomonti to Turkey.
Jun 11, 2015: Moved all Coors/Miller bottles from these listing to Miller/Coors lists,
added Chopper Beer white variant to Germany, Beer Bong to Israel, Corona Sunsets 2015
to Mexico, Orion Draft Windsurf to Japan and Lubuski Gin&Tonic variant to Poland.
Apr 26, 2015: Added three Glitter Golds/Grasshoppers to Germany, Brasileira/Heineken Open
Celebrations to Brazil, Castle Lite to South Africa, Asahi Draft Tennis variant to Japan,
two Heinekens to Hong Kong, Zhumir Plug to Ecuador, Heineken Skyfall to Peru,
Danzka Vodka to Lithuania, Mahou Five Star to UAE and A. Le Cog Premium to Estonia.
Mar 3, 2015: Added four Bad Tattoo, Coors Altitude, MGD to Canada, Tsingtao New Year
to China, White Morena to Spain, two Dorada Canaval to Canary Islands and Ibizas to UK.
Jan 7, 2015: Added Ambev VP6, Antarticas, Germania to Brazil, MGD to Columbia, Zver
Vodka to Russia, Coors Light Canadians to Canada, Eibauers, Theo, Tropicana to Germany,
Mahou 5 Stars, Maeloc to Spain, Mahou 5 Star to Mexico, Desperado, two Heineken variants
to France, Asahi Draft 3L fat to Japan and five Black & Biancos to Netherlands.
Dec 31, 2014: Added Corona Sunsets to Canada, Mexico, Spain, UK, added Volfas
bottles to Lituania, Skol Platinum to Rwanda and Bandicoot bottles to Australia.
Sep 21, 2014: Added Eibauers, Warsteiner Art Series to Germany, Geckos to Spain,
two Heinekens to Turkey, Dizzler Exotic to Switzerland and Kirin Lager JFA to Japan.
Sep 14, 2014: Added Pacena FIFA to Bolivia, Canadian Club to Australia, Warsteiner Berlin
Edition to Germany, Heineken STR to France and two Tsingtao bottles to China.
Aug 20, 2014: Added Corona World Cup/Coors Light NBA to Mexico, Bitburger/Salitos to
Germany, two Coors Light to Canada, Carlsberg to France and Kirin 2L Cartoon to Japan.
May 22, 2014: Added Brahma FIFA, Smirnoff Ice to Brazil, Coors Light to Canada, Tsingtao
FIFA to China, Asahi Clear/Super Dry Stylish to Japan, Simon Pils to Luxembourg,
Heineken STR variant, Bavaria/Radler to Netherlands and MOA to New Zealand.
Apr 1, 2014: Added Dorada Carnaval series to Canary Islands, XUXU to Germany,
Dizzlers to Switzerland and Sumurai Blue, Sapporo Black Label to Japan.
Feb 17, 2014: Added Budweiser and Tsingtao New Year to China, Heienken Sensation to
Netherlands, Busby, Hakodate Harubaru, Magnum Dry to Japan and Islena to Spain.
Jan 3, 2014: Added Coors Light Canadians, Molson Oilers/Senators to Canada,
Heienken Star, Tsingtau New Year 13 'Fu' variant to China and Kirin draft variants to Japan.
Dec 10, 2013: Added Crown Lager variations to Australia, Super Bocks to China/Portugal,
Bud Porsche to China, Brahma to Paraguay and Behugo, GlitterGold Secco wines to Germany.
Nov 4, 2013: Added Quilmes Stones to Argentina, Skol design bottles to Brazil,
Molson/Coors NHL bottles to Canada, Schneeflockli to Switzerland, Fujiyama Pils,
Hakone Pils, Asahi 2L to Japan and Islena Flower Power bottles to Spain.
Oct 6, 2013: Added Bud Great Times, Skol Triangles to Brazil and Sapporo 3 liter to Japan.
Sep 4, 2013: Added Warsteiner Art series to Germany and Stella variation to Croatia.
Aug 7, 2013: Added three Miyazaki, Super Komachi to Japan, two Skol bottles to Brazil,
Bofferding to Luxembourg and two Mommessin wine bottles to France.
Jul 23, 2013: Added Bud Vancouver FC to Canada and Brahma World Cup/Skol to Brazil.
Jun 30, 2013: Added Budweiser UFC, COPA to Brazil, new Islena
and Blue Marlin to Spain and Lady Diva to Switzerland.
May 16, 2013: Added Bellini to Italy, Heineken Jamirquai to France, Kirin Lager/Sapporo
Namashiboro variations to Japan and Heineken Icone to Spain.
May 3, 2013: Added Molson to Canada, Krisinera to Italy, Asahi Clear/Super Dry
Stylish bottles to Japan and Heineken 'Star' to Netherlands.
Apr 21, 2013: Added Miyazaki Strawberry, Buckwheat to Japan,
Shakes variation to Germany and Mevisto Blue to Austria.
Mar 18, 2013: Added Bud Toronto FC to Canada and Tsingtao New Year to China.
Mar 2, 2013: Added Slings to Singapore, Heineken STR variation to Netherlands, Ardagh
bottles to Australia, Cult test to Denmark, Think Wines to Portugal and Heineken to Thailand.
Feb 1, 2013: Added Bud Flames, BL Platinum to Canada, Crown Lager to Australia,
Salitos to Germany and Dorada Carnaval series to Canary Islands.
Jan 15, 2013: Added two bottles to new catagory, China.
Jan 9, 2013: Added Miyazaki and Hakone bottles to Japan.
Dec 27, 2012: Added Budweiser Canucks to Canada and Suntory Drafts to Japan.
Dec 17, 2012: Added Heineken STR 'Inverted' to Netherlands.
Dec 5, 2012: Added MGD to Canada and Warsteiner to Germany.
Nov 26, 2012: Added Kitz to Austria, Warsteiner MTV, Grande Armee variations
to Germany, Mahou to Spain, Heineken Skyfall to Mexico and Octane variation to Canada.
Nov 20, 2012: Added White Bob, Relax and Deinhard to Germany, Goldstar variation
to Israel and Bofferding, Simon Pils variations to Luxembourg.
Nov 15, 2012: Added Heineken OYW series to Netherlands and two Kirishima to Japan.
Oct 23, 2012: Added Bud Light, Budweiser and Budweiser Jets bottles to Canada.
Oct 3, 2012: Added Heineken Skyfall to Netherlands, Sagres Mini to Portugal
and three Hakones to Japan.
Aug 27, 2012: Added Brauhaus Summerfest to Switzerland, Dorada Tropical
to Canary Islands and Gallo 125 Years to Guatemala.
Aug 7, 2012: Added 2 Coors Light, 2 Molson to Canada, new Heineken Icone,
Phenix beer to France and 2 Islena's, San Miguel Enjoy Summer to Spain.
May 22, 2012: Added Bitburger UEFA and Fruh Sprizz bottles to Germany.
May 5, 2012: Added Strongbows to Australia and San Miguel Bilboa to Spain.
Apr 21, 2012: Added Mevisto to Austria, added several variations of Pilots and
Grande Armee to Germany and added Kirin Fine draft to Japan.
Apr 8, 2012: Added Sun Beach bottles to Spain, Mixed Ape Cocktails and
Pilot Beer variations to Germany and Cult Shaker variation to Denmark.
Mar 27, 2012: Added Asahi Clear, Super Dry and Cocktail to Japan.
Mar 10, 2012: Added Denmark, Tiger to Singapore and Tom's to Germany.
Feb 24, 2012: Added Dorada 2012 Carnival series to Canary Islands.
Jan 28, 2010: Added HP2 to France and La Benedicta variation to Dominican Republic.
Jan 21, 2012: Added Oirase Porter and Gekijyo to Japan.
Jan 20, 2012: Added Hakodate Bugyuousyo Stout and Hakodate series bottles to Japan.
Jan 14, 2012: Added Heineken STR and Red Bavaria to Netherlands, Golfers Choice
and Fancy Radler variations and added/updated Biker Beers to Germany.
Jan 10, 2002: Added Drinktec to Germany, Hansa to Norway and Coors Light to UK.
Jan 6, 2012: Added Boris to France and Presidente Light variation to Dominican Republic.
Dec 18, 2011: Added Hahn to Australia, Heineken Red Star to France, Castle Lager
to South Africa, Fujiyama to Japan and Modelo Light to Mexico.
Dec 9, 2011: Added Heineken World Series to Netherlands, Pilsen to Uruguay
and Dorada Ice to Guatemala.
Nov 7, 2011: Added 5 botttles to UK, Quilmes to Argentina and
Golfers Choice variation, Biker Beer to Germany.
Sep 22, 2011: Fliegerpils to Germany, Mahou JMJ to Spain and Heineken to Hong Kong.
Aug 2, 2011: Added Poland, bottles to Spain, Germany, Luxembourg and Portugal.
Jun 6, 2011: Added bottles to Brazil and Netherlands.
May 2, 2011: Added Desperado to France, Alfa to Netherlands, Pilots to Germany.
Apr 5, 2011: Added Asahi's to Japan, Beck's to Germany and Bofferding to Luxembourg.
Mar 12, 2011: Added Palestine, added Kirin Challenge series to Japan.
Feb 21, 2011: Added Canary Islands, added bottles to Australia, France,
Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.
Jan 5, 2011: Added bottles to South Africa, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy.
Jan 4, 2011: Added Guatemala, added bottles to Japan, France, Spain and Switzerland.
Nov 20, 2010: Added Taiwan, added bottles to Chile and Portugal.
Oct 17, 2010: Added Islena to Spain, Danix and Icone to France and
added Castles to South Africa.
Sep 5, 2010: Added Octane 7.0 to Canada.
Aug 18, 2010: Added two Brauhaus to Switzerland.
Aug 11, 2010: Added Singapore and South Africa, one bottle each; added bottles to
Hong Kong, Spain, Germany, Japan and Austria.
Jul 22, 2010: Added Norway and one bottle.
Jul 13, 2010: Corrected Tabu's, moved from Russia to Canada.
Jul 11, 2010: Updated Japan Buds and Asahi's, added Spain Mixta, updated Russia Sixx.
Jul 2, 2010: Initial upload complete, 37 countries, 350 listings.